The Political Sphere
in Art Practices

An interview web project by Martin Krenn

The website project »The Political Sphere in Art Practices« is offering key findings, which were gained from interviews that artist Martin Krenn conducted with experts of the field of social practice art. The interviewees are Grant Kester, Margit Czenki, Christoph Schäfer, Roger Behrens, Neala Schleuning, Mary Jane Jacob, Gregory Sholette and Nora Sternfeld.
The project provides an interactive dialogical platform constructed as a modular system of questions, answers and categories. It serves as an artistic research tool for artists, critics, academics and other people interested in the subject. Krenn offers a meditative and contemplative way of discussing art theory and art practice. (Text von der Seite

Interviews mit: Grant Kester, Gregory Sholette, Mary Jane Jacob, Neala Schleuning, Nora Sternfeld, Roger Behrens, Margit Czenki & Christoph Schäfer.

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Zum Beispiel »Culture Industry«: Hier.

»Welche Bedeutung kann der Begriff der Kulturindustrie von Theodor W. Adorno und Max Horkheimer heute noch entwickeln?«
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